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Group training is a great way for clients to get quality training at a great rate. Class sizes are small so I can give corrections and feedback as needed. Now don’t confuse group fitness classes with group training. The goal is not to fill a room with a group of people and have everyone move just for the sake of moving. In fact, consistently practicing bad movement patterns will most likely lead to injury so working out actually becomes counter productive. As a trainer, my continual goal is to create a well-designed workout, teach proper body mechanics (form), and help you gain real fitness that translates to improving performance in both athletic and real life situations.

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Although group training is the best fit for most people, sometimes one-on-one private sessions are not only a better fit but are necessary. Private sessions are a benefit to new clients that need extra attention on form, time to ramp up conditioning, or a little confidence boost before working out with other clients. More importantly, private sessions are necessary for clients that have restrictions and/or rehabbing injuries. Every once in a while I will have a new client complete the waiver essentially stating that they are in perfect health and proceed to give me a huge list of limitations due to a barrage of surgeries and injuries. If this is you, please consider private sessions until you are truly ramped up to safely train in a group setting. 

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